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We offer you a professional solution to buying a used cutting system

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Used Lectra Cutters

Used Cutting Systems to suite your budget, with full Installation, Training, Service Support We aim to provide you with a professional used cutting system experience



Used Plotters & Digitisers

Used Gerber Cutters in stock

Used Lectra Cutters in stock

Used Investronica Cutters in stock




We are a small team with large experience, we are all ex Lectra, Gerber,Zund, bullmer, iecho engineers/specialists

Our customers asked us to create a bespoke, honest & economical method of support for their production & cutting systems

Our goal has been achieved!

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Used Cutting machine specialists

Used Lectra, Gerber, Investronica, bullmer, iecho

also Used Lectra cutter, Gerber cutter, Investronica cutter, bullmer cutter, iecho cutter

Cutting machine spares, parts upgrades

Machine moves installs by experts

Software to drive your cutting machine


 Software for all cutting applications

used Lectra cutter, used Gerber cutter, used Investronica cutter, Bullmer Cutter, Iecho Stock

Visite section to Posprint ICF INVESCORTE CUTTING FLOW

posprint compatible with any cutting machine on the market

Used-Refurbished Cutting Systems

Temos em stock várias máquinas de corte usadas das marcas Lectra, Gerber, Investronica

Temos usada Lectra e Lectra usada

Temos usada Gerber e Gerber Gerber

Temos usada Investronica e Investronica usada

Temos usada Bullmer e Bullmer usada

Temos usada Iecho e Iecho usada

Visite a nossa secção especial usados e especial usadas Lectra, Investroncia e Gerber. Bullmer e Iecho

Visite a nossa secção acerca do Posprint ICF INVESCORTE CUTTING FLOW

etiquetador compatível com qualquer máquina de corte do mercado

Máquinas de corte Usadas - Lectra, Investronica, Gerber

Visite a nossa secção especial Sistema de Modelagem Audaces

Maquinas de cortes automaticos

Maquinas de corte automatico

cortes automaticos

corte automatico